Watch Me Run…

Good Morning!

Most of my posts will begin with “Good Morning,” despite the actual time of day. It’s become something of a standard greeting with me, so–Good Morning, and welcome to my Blog. I never thought I’d have a Blog, but here I am, joining the age of information and social media.

I took a class on Online Literary Journals in the spring of ’11, and it inspired the blog-bug. I thought, “This is great! I want to do this!” then thought “I have nothing to write about.”

Weeks passed.

Then, my wonderful girlfriend decided to start a blog. The bug poked me, and said “hey, remember me?” and I went, “But I still have nothing to write about!”

Then, I remembered–I was talking to my cousin about a week previous. She’s writing for SPN Big Bang this summer, and I’m her Beta. (And if you recognize that sentence, then this is the site for you!) We were chatting through Facebook messenger, lamenting about how much we love talking about fanfiction and fandom, and how he have no one to really talk to about fanfic except each other. And I thought, “I’ll talk to the internet! It’ll listen!”

AND HERE WE ARE! This is the very first post, the introductory post, the MODpost, if you will, in a Blog that will be about fandom, and fanfiction in general. I’ll post a new blog post that I’ve written about something fandom specific (i can’t promise it won’t be a rant post, or that I’ll avoid lj terminology) once a week (Thursday seems to be the day to do it) and I’ll update with fanfic recs and author reviews, Book and TV recs and reviews (because I’m not above starting or encouraging the growth of new fandoms) and really, whatever little tidbit catches my fancy.

I’ll be posting on fandoms I’m currently involved in, and the content will shift as my tastes shift. Also, occasionally, I’ll become nostalgic for fandoms that I have left behind, and I’ll post retro-recs and the like.

So, I hope people read this, but I’m also perfectly happy to/aware that I might/probably will talk to myself.

Expect the first regular post this Thursday, with some recs and fun stuff posted in the meantime. Also, I’ll be fiddling with the site for a while yet, so if something disappears, or you think it might be a good idea for me to add a feature, let me know.

Here we go; Watch me run…

So–I was reading this story…

A Fan


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