A is for Astolat

There are certain authors that I will read no matter what they write, or what fandom they write in. I have started watching several television shows, read many books, and comic books, because of a particular fan fiction writer. This author is one of the few that fall into this particular category. If you’ve been around fanfic at all, you will probably recognize this author.

It’s Astolat.

Also publishing under The Lady of Shalott, Astolat is one of the greats. I started with Astolat’s Stargate: Atlantis fic, then the Merlin fic, then Supernatural, Jeeves and Wooster, Smallville, Sherlock Holmes…well, you get the idea.

I chose Astolat first because this writer has, not once, but multiple times, written the be-all-end-all fanfic. That is, a story that is so well written, that it fills every gap left by canon. A story that you read, love, and read again because, now that it’s over, there’s nothing left. You have reached the end of the Internet.

My Top 5 Astolat Fics, in no particular order.

1) Crown of the Summer Court, a Merlin/Merry Gentry crossover; Merlin/Arthur. The Elves have come to Camelot to hold a tournament to crown their new king, and name Merlin in the running. It’s funny, addresses destiny, has really powerful Merlin, and the dynamic between Merlin and Arthur is understated and very powerful. I’m not really familiar with Merry Gentry, but Astolat brings introduces it in a way where you don’t really need to be.

2) Old Country, a Supernatural/Harry Potter Crossover; Wincest. I love crossovers. I really do. And well written crossovers? Are like gold. This? This is not only an amazing crossover, set post book seven for Harry Potter and mid season 2 for Supernatural, but is one of the reasons I started watching Supernatural in the first place. Dean’s reaction to the Wizarding World, and Hogwarts, is spot on and priceless. The Wizarding World’s reaction to Dean? Even better. Funny, with enough emotional umphf to make you pay attention.

3) Reconcilable Differences, a Smallville/DCU Comics fusion; Clark/Lex. In a world where Smallville is the past of the current DCU, Superboy is paralyzed. When Lex steps in to fix his “son,” he and Clark begin the long road to reconciliation…with some help from Superboy and Robin, of course. The tension between Lex and Clark, old friends turned enemies who never really became enemies or stopped being friends, is great. And, in the meantime, Superboy gets a sweet car.

4) Ordinary Life, a Stargate: Atlantis story; McShep. I love taking characters out of their comfort zones, or taking characters who are out of their element in canon, and putting them in their zone in fic. While on Earth, McKay brings Shepard to a resort/lab as his “mathematician,” for a taste of, well, ordinary life. While there, We get to see Rodney confident and at ease, the start of a new relationship, and, eventually, BAMF Shep on Earth when a kidnapping goes awry. Their snark is spot on, and we get to see how each character had changed from being on Atlantis.

5)Kings and Queens and Jokers, too; Supernatural story, Wincest. Sam and Dean defeat a Trickster. Or do they? I LOVE the Trickster in Supernatural, in all forms, and while I love the twist they made with him, sometimes I want a good old-fashion trick. This? Is that. With bells on. Written from their point of view, the minute I figured out what was happening, I laughed out loud. Plus, there’s bonus Bobby, which makes everything better. While shorter than my other recs, Astolat nails the characters, with a signature brand of humor.

While these stories didn’t make the cut, they might have on a different day. These are my other top stories:


Onfindan; Author discovers Merlin’s a wizard. Then they fight monsters.

The Beltene Cycle; 4 stories (so far). Merlin’s a Child of Herne, God of The Hunt and Beltine. The first two stories deal with that. In the later two, Arthur finds out about Merlin’s magic, and the world of the series begins to resemble that of the legends. The last two make up my favorite Arthur Finds Out plotline. Link is to the first in the series.

Despoiled; Merlin is found with Morgana, but avoids the dungeons by protesting that he’s “queer.” Then he and Arthur have to get it on for politics.

Favorite; After a night of drunken sex (the best sex they’ve ever had), Arthur establishes Merlin as his paramour, err, his favorite. Best Banter Ever. Runner up for best Arthur Finds Out, as well.  



Punxsutawney; Sam and Dean do Groundhog’s Day.

More than Meets The Eye; THE IMPALA BECOMES A TRANSFORMER. ‘Nuff said.

Battering Ram; Sam and Dean after the apocalypse, Road Warrior Style. Sam is a little psychic, and legends travel faster than people.

Binding; Bobby gives them amulets of protection. Now, they wont come off.


Stargate Atlantis:

The Dark Side; SGA/Star Wars Crossover. Rodney is a Jedi forced to a swamp planet to learn to connect with nature. John is the crashed Sith who forces Rodney to fix his ship. Together, they achieve a balance in the force.

Oblivious; Rodney thinks they’re dating. Shepard is confused.

Time in a Bottle; John and Rodney wake up in a VR world while their bodies are in medical stasis. Nobody knows they’re awake, and they have only themselves, a cat, a notebook, a beach, a piano, and vodka. Oh, and a big bed.

A Beautiful Lifetime Event; Atlantis gives John and Rodney a daughter.

Transcendental; When Weir gets put in suspended animation for months, Rodney is the acting head of Atlantis. Rodney will never be a diplomat.



Moving On; Bored with Earth and given the opportunity, Lex begins to take over the galaxy. Superman goes to stop him. Or marry him. Whichever comes first.

Revenge; The Joker drugs Superman into loosing his inhibitions, but instead of killing Luthor, they have sex. The fallout is EPIC.


Jeeves and Wooster:

Jeeves and the Blessed Indiscretion; Jeeves finds himself in the soup, and for once Bertie is able to fish out Jeeves. Wonderfully spot-on Bertie-voice.

Seriously, go read Astolat’s stuff, so you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say:

So, I was reading this story…

A Fan.


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