So…How’s This Going to Work, Exactly?

I’ve been thinking about my posting schedule.

I think it’s going to run like this:

Media Monday – A new (or old) piece of fan media, be it a fanvid, comic, or interactive story

TuesdayRetro Recs. Stories and authors from dead and dying fandoms.

Whatever Wednesday – Because my life is not ALL about fandom, Wednesday will be for random interesting things that I find.

Thoughtful Thursday – A new blog about fandom in general; canon, themes and trends in fic, and literary analysis. Posts to inspire discussion.

Fic Rec Friday – Individual story recs. The heavy hitters. Stories I reread and curl around like a good book.

Saturday  –  Undecided. I’ll let you know by Saturday.

Sunday –  Author Recs – writers whose fic I will read no matter what they write.

For right now, this is a good lineup. It will change as my life changes. But, since I have a lot of backlog to get through, we’ll stick with this for a while. I’ll try and get the first Author Rec up soon. But until then–

So, I was reading this story…

A Fan


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