Fic Rec Friday: Drastically Redefining Protocol

The rec for today is Drastically Refefining Protocol by rageprufrock. “In which Prince Arthur meets Merlin and all hell breaks loose.”

If you’ve read this story before (and have time), feel free to click the link and read it, and it’s sequels/timestamps, again. If you haven’t read it, and are involved in Merlin, where have you been, under a rock? If you haven’t read it, and aren’t into Merlin, read it anyway. While a lot of the joy of AUs are seeing familiar characters in strange places/times, this story also has the added benefit of drawing well rounded characters with minimal knowledge of the series required. If you’re at all familiar with the legends of King Arthur, this is the modern gay romance for you!

I mentioned before, Authors who write stories that are the be-all-end-all of fic. This is one of those stories. This is why I no longer really read BBC Merlin Modern!AUs. Because, in a lot of ways, it’s perfect. It started out as a livejournal WIP, and became something of a phenomenon, even earning it’s own fanlore page. My favorite bit of added fan fun is the trailer, made by zoetrope.

This trailer? Is beautiful. The images, the MUSIC. It gives you just enough of the story to pique your interest if you haven’t read it, and enough to go “Ooh! Ohh! That’s that thing!!” if you have read it.

But, I think my favorite part about this, well, novel, is the characters themselves. In that, they really ARE themselves. The changes in their personalities make sense in a modern context, but at their core they ARE STILL THEMSELVES.  Arthur is Arthur, Prince of Wales; he’s a royal pain in the ass who’s a good guy underneith but under a lot of pressure, and a bit of a brat becuase he’s the prince. Merlin is Merlin the medical student; headstrong and altruistic and bright and fun and just a little bit magic. The dialogue is fantastic (ninja rape dogs!) and the progression from chance meeting to true love is simply wonderful. In many ways, through their (eventually public, and isn’t that a fun scene!) relationship, Merlin and Arthur bring about revolution and change.

Also, this is a multi-media story. In addition to the trailer, there are several pictures, even an article or two, within the text of the story. I suggest reading them. I didn’t my first time through, and  I missed SO MUCH GOOD STUFF.

I’ve read this many times, and I love it every time, and I love something different about it every time. I’ve talked about it more than once when I’ve said:

So, I was reading this story…

A Fan.


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