So, it’s Saturday, and I’m still not sure what to put here. I already have a “Whatever Wednesday,” I have (2) story rec days and author rec days and… hmmm….

Maybe an “Other Rec” day. Yeah. A day to recommend thing that are not (technically) fandom–but close. Like, movies that I feel will explode with fandom, book or tv shows that I want to see fic for… Yeah, I like that idea.

Let’s start with a movie. I saw this Thursday night, and have been squeeing about it ever since. I wasn’t expecting much, as it’s the fourth in a franchise and I was let down by the last two. However, not only was it an amazing movie, but it set my little slasher heart alight with song.

No, it’s not Pirates of the Caribbean 4. It’s X-Men: First Class.

Here’s the trailer: 

Now, I’m writing this at work (heh) and had the trailer on silent. You cannot tell me that the beginning doesn’t read like a Romance. A tragic Romance, but still. Ladies and Gentlemen: the Bromance in Action!

Warning: Minor Spoilers…

Now, I have been a comic book fan for a long time now, and the discovery of comic fanfiction changed my life about eight years ago. Funnily enough, right around the time of the first X-Men movie. (I admit, I was a Scott/Logan fan. There’s tension, there, you can’t deny it. Then again, I also was a hardcore Logan/Kurt shipper and I’d ship Kurt with anybody, so…) I knew enough about the X-Men from the old cartoon to follow along, and I’d already started reading the old comic books. (X-Men: Children of the Atom is wonderful) So, when I delved into X-fandom, I had a pretty good idea what I was getting into. I developed a fandom based ship (Rictor/Shatterstar…WHO ARE NOW CANON, THANK YOU) and followed the new X-Men cartoon, X-Men: Evolution. Then, the next two movies kinda didn’t go anywhere, and the comics took a downswing and Marvel fandom never seemed to be particularly prolific, especially in pairings that I wanted to see.

I was, however, always interested in Professor X/Magneto because of their convoluted and complicated relationship. Even after everything–the differences, the battles, the inability to compromise–they still call each other friend. That’s love, people. I saw a brief emergence of fic after X2, but it wasn’t until last week that the pairing, now firmly called Charles/Erik (or vice versa) took off. And it was because of the movie.

I saw it with Fright Dyke, who was rolling her eyes at me the entire time. She liked the movie, too, and was excited about it–which I feel speaks to the movie’s overall appeal. It’s a good movie. Erik is driven and complicated and very well acted (My favorite is the scene in Argentina. “My parents didn’t have names. They were taken from them. By pig farmers. And Taylors). Charles is witty and urbane and surprisingly funny (Using genetics to hit on women–“Don’t touch my hair”). Mystique is interesting and complex, reminding me a bit of Selena Kyle (Catwoman) after they stopped writing her a just a jewel thief. She’s perfectly blue-grey. BEAST, oh Hank, I loved every moment with him. Banshee (Sean Cassidy) too. He’s a little bit of comic relief, and it was really awesome to see him fly. I liked Havok, even though it messed with continuity (he’s supposed to be Cyclops’s younger brother, damnit). Even the villians were good. I had forgotten about the Hellfire Club, and was glad to see them in action. Sebastian Shaw was perfectly amoral, Emma was a bitch, I still have no idea who tornado-hands was, and Azazel…well…

I have a complicated history with Azazel. He was introduced into comics recently, right around the reissuing of the Xmen, when Whedon started writing Astonishing, as Kurt Wagner’s (Nightcrawler) father. His mother is Mystique (where he gets the blue skin and yellow eyes) and apparently, his father is the classic Satan image. (it makes sense–at the time Kurt was a priest and was having issues with his own “demonic” appearance, but–really Marvel?) I wasn’t a fan.  It was too easy and a bit too cheesy. That being said, if that’s the canon they’re sticking to, then it makes sense for him to be there and his fencing was awesome. (which was another point of contention with me and X2. Nightcrawler was supposed to be a kick-ass swashbuckler, fighting with three rapiers–one for his tail–he’s brash and loud and loved the spotlight and they turned him into–that.)

Anyway, the entire production was really good, but, for me, the stars of the show were Charles and Erik and that wonderful slashy tension between them. The start of a long tradition:

That continues to this day. They’re even almost in the same position.

Even if you don’t slash them, you cannot deny that there is love here. (Fright Dyke said “You know, sometimes two men love each other very much–and they don’t fuck!” I said “Blasphemy. It’s more fun my way.”) It’s a beautiful, strong, and tragic friendship, no mater what way you slash it.

and of course, this scene:

Angel thinks they want a threesome, (and going by Charles’s history with the ladies, he might just be up for it.) Already, so much slash exists that is based around this scene (She thinks they want her, and they do–to talk. But afterwards, they only have eyes for each other…etc) This took place in a great montage, which had a perfect Wolverine cameo.

Wolverine’s funny because he’s so iconic and in everything, that of course he’s gonna be in this movie. And it’s handled perfectly. (“Hello–“”Go fuck yourselves””Goodbye.”) ahh, squee!

And, of course, the beach scene, where we see them really become who we know them as today. Magneto, with his helmet, calling for a Mutant Brotherhood, because the world will always fear them; A mutant supremacist, forged in the camps of Nazi Germany. Bad Ass, and Broken, and just so wonderful. Professor X, the incurable optamist, who still believes in peace and another way, even as he’s lying there, wounded and paralyzed. (Also, I’ve heard the theory that Charles waited until Erik was gone to say he couldn’t feel his legs, because of their past relationship–to save him from that, for a while. And the way Erik told Emma that there was a “void in his life” –he misses Charles! The way Magneto dropped everything when Charles fell–so much emotion, so much caring. Then, he blames everyone but himself in a wonderful display of character development that secures how there wont really be a reconciliation–even if Charles doesn’t really blame him, and I don’t think he does. Neither wants the other dead, even now–they want the other by their side. It’s truly epic). And Mystique–Charles’s sister and Erik’s first follower.

It’s just…really good. I said at the time “The Slash–it writes itself!” And it’s true. There are already several stories out there about these boys, flooding the lj community: Old Friends. I expect to see an upswing in Xfic again, because of this movie. I’m looking forward to it. (Particularly people writing this past into modern settings–maybe a team up? Maybe a true reconciliation fic? I don’t know. Writers…go write!)

I can’t wait until this comes out on DVD.

Fright Dyke made a good point. Will there be more, based on this one’s success? An X-reboot? I’d keep my eyes open for these boys to come back.

I’m gonna go find some fic now, to add to my repituare for when I say:

So, I was reading this story…

A Fan.


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