Retro Rec: Dr. Jackson’s Diary

I was aware of Stargate long before I was a fan. And then, I leaned more towards Stargate: Atlantis. But, i’ve seen the original movie (Kurt Russel and James Spader) and the first season (MacGuyver!!!) so I know enough to read the fic. Not that I do very often. The stories I found were generally meh enough that I didn’t really search for anything better. So, I left SG1 behind rather quickly, and retain my knowledge of it for the inevitable crossover.

There is one story, however, that has remained in my bookmarks; that I have copied from computer to computer, browser to browser; that I check on every once in a while to re-read or simply make sure the link still works. Finally, I have looked it up through the wayback machine, which might just be the best thing ever.

It’s Dr. Jackson’s Diary by Anais.

The story is slash (Jack/Daniel with occasional Daniel/Paul when Daniel and Jack can’t seem to get their respective acts together) and it’s the recounting of a year through Daniel’s journal–written in the style of Bridget Jones’s Diary. Let me say that again, STARGATE ANTICS in the style of BRIDGET JONES.

It’s novel length and usually takes me several days to read when I read the whole thing through. Which I like to. It’s very funny.

The Daniel voice is more Bridget than Daniel, but I like this voice enough that, when I watch SG1, I’m surprised he’s not more bitchy and flamboyant. But, he keeps a running count of ciagarettes and food, talks about the THING with Jack, talked to the voices in his head, and is just wonderfully neurotic the entire time. The best part might be when they all start de-aging. We get to see Daniel as a teenager (AND SAM! Oh, I forgot, the yougurt mystery! Go read it to see what I mean) all the way down to a child. There’s the Not-Ape, the Hair-Virus, and the planet where they burn hemp and spend the rest of the year trying to remember/forget whatever happened on that island

It’s a long, fun, enjoyable read. Go and check out one of the oldest stories I will reference when I say,

So, I was reading this story…

A Fan


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