Whatever Wednesday: Patrick Rothfuss

So…I read a lot. Like, all the time. And while most of it is fanfiction, not all of it is. I also read comic books. And graphic novels. And regular novels. I also own almost every book I’ve ever read, because I’ve got a collector mind. I love books. Moving is a pain, because most of my possessions are books. My bedroom looks like a library (well, like a sorcerer’s library, because I’ve also got papers and a bed and such. and quills. From Ren Fair. Don’t judge.)

Then, I went to Grad School, and I became really picky about the books I read. I still read a lot, I just get more of it from the library. Or Used Book stores, because I don’t want to spend full price on a novel that I might not finish. (Which is also a new phenomenon. I always used to finish my books. Even the crappy ones). There are a few, however, that I will buy. Full price. In Hardcover. Because I know they will be just. that. good.

I’ll buy every Dresden Files novel. (Ok, these I buy in paperback, but only because I started in paperback, and I don’t want my shelf to look weird. What? What?!) The Codex Alera books, as well. Jim Butcher writes epic fantasy and funny serial urban fantasy. The Dresden books might just be my favorite series. They’re formulaic as hell, but, really, that’s part of the charm. But those books are another post.

I bought every Harry Potter book in Hardcover. I bought Goblet of Fire twice. (It went missing. And I needed to reread it).

I’ll buy every book in the Imager series by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. It’s a Victorian era fantasy novel that’s not steampunk. Not that there’s anything wrong with steampunk. I happen to really enjoy steampunk. But Victorian Fantasy is just so different. But, again, this is another post.

And, I’ll buy every book Patrick Rothfuss ever writes. Ever. I don’t care what it is. So far, he’s written 2 out of a trilogy. The first is The Name of the Wind and it BLEW MY MIND. It was hardcore fantasy and it was meta and it hit every stereotype and played it off it’s ear and it’s wonderfully written and witty and LONG. It’s the kind of book you can sink your teeth into.

When it came out, my cousin read it and gave it to me for my birthday say, OMG READ THIS. And I am so glad she did. She then told me about his blog, which I check with regularity. It’s a great site in and of itself. He’s funny and a geek (like me!) and will give great writing advice and tips on publishing and schedules of readings and the like. He also had a photo contest, which is awesome. And he’s doing it again. For the second book, The Wise Man’s Fear. Which I bought on my Kindle. Because I need to move soon and the last thing I need is more books to cart… grumble. I have to admit it took me a while to read it…mostly because I was in the end of semester crunch and I knew that once I started, I wouldn’t put it down. And I was right.

These books are so amazing. This piece by John Scalzi says it much better than I can (which would just be a lot of incoherent jabbering and excited pointing). I will admit that stew fantasies aren’t really a problem for me, but he truly gets across how engrossing a read these are.

My favorite bit about them, however, has to be the metafiction. It’s a story about a story being told because of the power of stories, where the most powerful magic lies in words (literally) and rumors, which are stories and…It spins in on itself so much it makes my head hurt.

All I can say, is go out. Right now. Buy these books (They make an unknown author an international best seller almost overnight. That says something). Read these books. Support living authors.

OH! I almost forgot the best part. Rothfuss acknowledges fanfic! My favorite is this post, where he talks about the Perils of Fanfic. It even has a chart of geek hierarchy, which is awesome. And, he mentions slash! (He calls it yaoi, which could say something about the slash he’s been exposed to, and the writers. Though, I makes sense if he learned the terminology though cosplay, which, I understand, is mostly based in anime). He’s even written fanfic. (It’s ok. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Really. You’re filling a niche!)

Ok, so I lied. My favorite post is this, where he posts about the first fanfic written (and the first slash fic written) and claims that he has now achieved success. You have, sir. You have indeed.

Funnily enough, There’s not that much Rothfuss-based fanfic out there. I think it’s because he wrote a be-all-end-all book. More than once. The fans want more, but are satisfied with the story the way it stands. And the burning desire I have to read more fanfic is based, not on a desire to fill gaps, but a simple desire for more. I don’t even feel a burning need for Kvothe/Bast, but the fact that it exists makes me happy.

As does the fact that Rothfuss acknowledges homosexuality in his books. (In TWMF Kvothe is checked out by a dude. That’s as far as it gets, and it’s before Kvothe is introduced to sex for real-real, but he doesn’t freak out and it’s not treated like it’s a big deal. Which is itsn’t.)

Also, I sent him a letter once, telling him how awesome he was, and he sent me a note card back. Which is awesome and not at all akin to me getting the autograph of a movie star. At all. You believe me. Right? …right? So what if I carried it around for months. I’m not a creepy stalker person. I am…

A Fan.


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