Friday Fic Rec: Scenes from a Lesser War

Following yesterday’s post, I’d like to present Scenes From a Lesser War by Amireal. It’s got pretty much everything I want, politically, from fandom.

So, the entire time I was writing my post yesterday, I was thinking about this story. Fanlore says this fic deals with the fallout when DADT is repealed. But it’s so much more than that. It’s told though 2 points in time, so the story starts in the middle (chronologically) then switches to the beginning, then it alternates back and forth. The story, of course, is the John and Rodney’s relationship.

The first scene sets up the issue, when John learns that DADT was repealed, and goes to tell Rodney. We get the first switch back in time after John and Rodney kiss, and we are told that the slow and gentle seduction/handholding/kissing/time is everything they were denied before. Then we go back. We see, simultaneously, the beginning and the rekindling/reforming of their relationship, from something adrenaline driven to something deeper and more stable.

You can read this story two ways, straight through (so that you get both stories at once and you get the depth and parallelism and the story ends where it begins, so that, even though the last scene is the breakup, you know that hours from now, they’ll be back together and it’s going to be so much better.

Or, you can read this story chronologically, and get a along breakup and makeup fic, straightforward, with a happy ending. I’ve read it this way. I prefer it the other way. It’s the way the author intended.

That being said, there are several wonderful things about this story. There’s John and Rodney, who are themselves throughout. Snarky and geeky and such boys through it all. The best example I can think of is the wedding-freak-out scene. John and Rodney realize that, because Rodney is Canadian, once they change all their paperwork to name the other as the beneficiary, they are one piece of paper away from marriage. The reactions are hilarious. As are everyone’s reactions of surprised not-surprise.

Also, to acclimate everyone to the change, they decide to host a party, The Prom, which is sparkly and wonderful. I have a real thing for celebrations on Atlantis. They never get enough of them. Of course, it’s not smooth sailing, and this story is true to the fact that there would be bad reactions from both the marines and the scientists.

And John’s freakouts about coming out, and then when he DOES come out, make me smile for days. Because he’s been fighting the urge to be an example for the ENTIRE STORY and he ends up one anyway.

It’s only of my oldest favorites, and the only reason it’s not a retro rec is that I don’t think SGA fandom is out of the running yet

So, I was reading this story…

A Fan


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