Sunday Author Rec: perpetual motion

I am not, actually, a stalker. It’s not my fault that social media has made it incredibly easy for someone to have multiple sources of information for one person that you may have never met. That being said, I follow Perpetual Motion’s livejournal, twitter, and tumblr.

To be fair, I first noticed her because of her fic (mostly Guy/Kyle Green Lantern slash) but my interest spread because of the way she talks about comic books.

Most of her comic talk is on her tumblr, comic comic. A few highlights include this post about the comics code, this post on double standards and Power Girl, this on merchandise, this on female characters and…oh, just go read her tumblr already.

But my favorite is this ranty post about being a comic fan who has tits, to which my initial reaction was ROCK ON SISTER-SOLDIER!! for I, too, am a comic fan with the lady parts and if her D-cups are crying, my G-cups are lacing up their shit-kickers and cracking their knuckles, ready to cut a bitch.

I’ve read and collected comics for over ten years now. When I was about a year into it, I learned that I had developed a reputation as “The Girl from the Comic Shop.” At the time, I laughed and waved it off. I was a cute kid–long blond hair, big blue eyes and a big grin (and the aforementioned G-cups, but that’s neither here nor there), and I was always getting that kind of attention. People apparently remember when Barbie’s kid sister walks into the room. And I thought this because it was inconceivable to me that there were no other women that shopped at the comic shop. I had seen them. I knew they existed.

Then, I started to work at a different shop, one in a mall. (I got the job because I was a regular customer who was in the right place at the right time. I stayed for 5 years because a) discount comics and b) when people asked be questions i knew what i was talking about. I am the kind of fan that, when I like something, I will learn everything I can, and I will remember it. Because of the way I devoured comics during those slow Monday night shifts in January at the shop, I know the history of most of the superheroes, both Marvel and DC, and have read several other Vertigo-style series (Watchmen. Sandman. Preacher. Transmet. Authority. Planetary…Buffy). I was also one of two female employees. Two years later, I was the only female, then the only regular female.

By that point, I had realized how male-dominated the comic underground truly was. And I was still “The Girl from the Comic Shop,” not to mention still getting the “pretty girl discount” I still get.

I admit, I do get some pleasure from surprising boys with my comic knowledge. My favorite story is from my “Philosophy and Science Fiction” class that I took as an undergrad. On the first day, before class started, the boys began discussing superpowers. The question was “What useless superpower would you want?” Now, I’d say the ability to make anything into a dirty joke. Fright Dyke says I can do that anyway, but still. At the time, I said “I don’t know. I know what kind of regular superpower, or magical ability, but useless?” The guy who asked looked a bit surprised, and somebody else said, “I’d hate to have the Flash’s powers. All he can do is run fast, and Superman can do that.”

This was about the time that Impulse became Kid Flash, and just before Barry returned. I am a huge Bart Allen fan, and I rounded on him, saying “Not true, sir!” And then lectured for ten minutes on the various things the Flash can do. (Bart’s clones, vibrating through things, time travel…) In the end, there was silence, and the guy who asked the question asked if he could marry me. It was like a scene out of a comic book itself.

Still, I wouldn’t have gotten that reaction if I was a boy, because it wouldn’t be so surprising. I am lucky to have come to a place where I am several people’s “nerdy” friend. Not nerdiest-friend-who-is-a-girl. But nerdiest friend. Period. I have one friend who, whenever she has a fandom/geek/nerd question comes to me and will get (because this is what I am) a dictionary-style response with examples. I have another friend who will ask me a comic book question, and will sit back and laugh as I lecture for fifteen minutes on, I don’t know, the differences between the Robins and how they’ve each added something unique to the Batman mythos.

And, while wearing my Robin t-shirt will still get politely asked if they can “help me find something” when I enter a comic shop. As if my nerdiness isn’t broadcast in neon-yellow thought-bubbles a la Deadpool.

Anyway, all of that was to explain that, at least through her social media, I find a kindred comic spirit with Perpetual Motion.  A lot of her posts are things that I knew about and agree with/reacted to the same way or are things that I haven’t thought about, but make sense once she’s posted them. She’s also funny as hell, and I love reading her writing, be it fic or tumblr post.

She is also one of two authors who have shaped my current pull list. Because of The Te I’ll read anything with Tim Drake. Because of Perpetual Motion, I will read anything with Guy Gardner. She has converted me to the ways of the Ginger Lantern, and he is currently warring with Timmy as my favorite DC character ever, mostly because of the possibilities of genderfuckery inherent in both characters. Don’t understand what I mean? Read this. Then read this. Get it? Don’t worry if you don’t. You’ll be seeing this again.

But, like I said, I first got started following her because of fic, and the fic that I follow is Guy/Kyle. Not that I don’t read her other stuff, but my favorites star Guy and Kyle doing boyfriend things.

So. My top 5 fics:

1) The Boy From Nowhere: Guy/Kyle HSAU. Guy’s world is thrown upside down when Kyle kisses him, and his father finds out that his son is gay. It’s no secret that Guy’s father is a bastard. And this AU deals mostly with the fallout from that; the family healing once his father is out of the picture–when his father beats Guy nearly to death, his mother gets the courage to take guy and move in with Guy’s brother, Mace. We get great family dynamic, we get to see other DC characters in roles that they might play if they weren’t superheroes, and Guy is still wonderfully GUY. And the slash is a wonderfully teenage romance. Also, this is one of the longer Guy/Kyle fics that i’ve found, and is the reason I started reading her stuff in the first place. Also, Coach Kiliwog.

2) Six Scenes with Regards to a Reunion: Guy and Kyle on Earth heading to Kyle’s high school reunion. Most of her stories are like this, as in completely awesome but far too short. This fic has Guy being a great boyfriend–which he is. Which is totally canon–and being a lovable jackass–which he is. Perpetual Motion always has the best banter between those two–and Guy reveals his literary side!

3) And Now, By Accident, A Couple [Or, Oa’s Been Quiet and Guy and Kyle Act Like Dudes.]: scenes from the life of Guy and Kyle as they enter a relationship between crises. All I have to say is :

“I think I’ve matured,” Guy tells Kyle when they’re bumming around Guy’s apartment, the new freezer installed and running at the bar.

“Have not,” Kyle replies without looking up from his sketchpad.

“Have too,” Guy says, and sticks out his tongue when Kyle glances up.

Again, banter for the win. And the Bar. And a movie night with a dvd player they post here. Just…I love first time fics, and this gives me first time and buddy cop and Guy and Kyle and GuyandKyle and–well–it’s totally headcanon now.

4) Five Moments in the Lives of a Couple of Small Businessmen.  Pretty much exactly what the title says. Witty Banter! Microbrew snobs! Barfic! Hal being clueless!  My headcannon for fancanon puts this and “And Now, By Accident…” are totally in the same universe. Either way, it never fails to make me giggle.

5) KinkMeme Responses – Again, pretty much what the title says. My favorites are “Guy/Kyle, John, Hal – gen – someone asks why Guy’s ring is always glowing, even when he’s not using it.” and “Kyle, Guy, John, Hal, Gen, Prompt: Most people forget Guy was a teacher… Until he does stuff like this and reminds them.” Because Perpetual Motion never forgets how awesome Guy is, and will make sure the rest of the DC knows it, too.

Honorable Mention: Everything. She hasn’t written a fic I haven’t enjoyed. Particularly this, the buddy cop AU.  So go play on her page for a while, and tell her how awesome she is. Because I never have, and I really should. Once I figure out how to do it without sounding like a creeper.

Because I’m not. I’m just–

A Fan.


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  1. I am a particular fan of the buddy cop AU and frequently poke her to make her make MOAR of it, but she’s capricious and does what she wants, and it’s all fabulous and I love her to death.

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