Fic Rec Friday: The Theory of Narrative Causality

So, Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has been a part of my world for pretty much my whole life. My mother read me the stories as a child, we watched the Granada series with Brett together, and I’ve kept a lifelong fascination with him ever since. So, when I heard about the BBC miniseries, Sherlock, I thought:


Then, after three entirely too short episodes (only an hour and a half each, lol) I said to myself:

Self? There HAS to be fanfic for this.

So I went to fanlore, and discovered THE GAME IS ON, and the Sherlock kink!meme.

Time passed, I stalked the media news sites for information on the second series, discovered that Martin Freeman will be playing Bilbo Baggins in the new Hobbit movie, then, later, Benedict Cumberbatch will be the voice of Smaug. I squeed for a solid hour after that one.

Anyway, then, I found this story through the sunday recday feature on THE GAME IS ON (also, It’s The Theory of Narrative Causality.

The meta in this fic just about broke my mind.

Ok, so the prompt is pretty much the plot. “Sherlock is a well-known fanartist whose online antics always land him on fandom_wank. John’s a beloved BNF fanfiction author. They meet at a convention; geeky love ensues.”

But, it also is written on the kinkmeme in the story, and uses fanlore and fanwank and many other such sundry sites to give plot. John writes an AU big bang about Sherlock Holmes (guess what, it’s a modernization…) THEY ARE TROLLED BY MORIARTY!!!

Why are you still here? Go read this.

A Fan


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