Media Monday: Marvel vs DC

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about these yet.

So, this might be the funniest fan-made video series I have ever seen. It’s Marvel Vs DC by ItsJustSomeRandomGuy. The concept is simple; parody the Mac Vs PC commercials and comic book movies by having action figures of the characters act out the ads, and discuss their own movies.

This is the first one.

It gets incredibly meta at times, like when Superman complains about the director for his movie…

Like most things, the production quality improves over time, but the comedy remains golden. Especially once Batman enters the picture.

Particularly once he starts fighting with Iron Man. This one made me cry, I laughed so hard…

Retracted. Retracted!

Then Watchmen came out, and gave us 2 gems. This with Wolverine:

and my personal favorite, this with Deadpool. The song will be stuck in your head FOR DAYS

…and boom goes the dynamite. Deadpool. Wins. 

Seriously, watch everything with Deadpool. They’re HILARIOUS. They even made the Deadpool/Rorschach Buddy Cop parody.

I found these in college, and at the time, ItsJustSomeGuy was just starting a spin off (yes, a spin off) called Marvel/DC After Hours. The premise is that, after filming their movies and parodies, the Heroes relax in a bar (drinking milkshakes, because they don’t drink…except for Iron Man). Then PLOT HAPPENS when Superman goes missing! There’s action! Adventure! Green Goblin/Harley Quinn romance!

Here’s the first Marvel/DC After Hours season

(it should play multiple, but it might not…)

Anyway, over time, as the frequency of superhero movies waned, these heroes started watching, and commenting on, trailers on new blockbusters. Such as Star Trek

or events, such as when Disney bought Marvel

There are over 4 years worth of videos, and you should go watch them all. Right now.

Rorschach and Deadpool…a nut and a fool…he’s a mental case…music’s not his thing…So, I wrote the theme…I’m so talented…copyright Deadpool…copy and I’ll sue…I think that the song should end right here.


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