A word about Good Omens

Blame it on the 4th, heh. Here’s Sunday’s post.

So, I’ve recently reread Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, often laughing out loud on my lunch break at work, snickering to myself behind the desk, and grinning the entire time on my front porch. It’s one of my all time favorite books.

It’s not a coincidence that it stars Azaraphiel and Crowley, The Angel at the Gate of Eden and the Serpent of the Garden in their modern forms, as they try and stop the apocalypse. I would say that they’re not really the main characters; It’s more of an ensemble piece, but those two begin the book, and end it.

(For the record, I don’t own this image. I found it on deviantart via Google Search, and it belongs to jdillion82. just look how pretty it is!)

Do I slash them? HEL–HEA– SOMEPLACE YES, I SLASH THEM! Just read those descriptions. Add in the fact that, by the time this book “happens” they’re both more morally grey, and solely because of the other’s influence and friendship–Really, it’s ineffable.

I first read it, oh, about ten years ago. I had just finished the Sandman books, and I have the first few Diskworld books under my belt (Rincewind!) and I thought, “This looks good.” And it is. It’s full of british dry wit and absurdities and it just awesome. And I have a special afinity for any work that takes the Bible less seriously. This book does it wonderfully, not only adapting revelations to modern England (The Antichrist in England? I thought it’s be in America, somewhere. They’re more for that sort of thing), but also in using humor to do it.

But it’s not all humor. Especially towards the end of the book, we really see Gaiman’s influence in the scope of the piece. There are some truly epic moments, particularly when the characters start using biblical language (COME AND SEE); and it’s done in such a way that the reader knows what’s coming.

Really, stop listening to me blather on, and go read it.

Then go online and read the fanfic. There’s less of it than I would like, and the book is old enough that it’s kinda a dead fandom, but you can find the characters, especially Crowley, pop up in Supernatural from time to time. I’m a particular fan of the Arrangements verse, by icarus_chained, also starring Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabe, and When Summoning, Please Watch the Wording.  by Ryuuza Kochou.

Also, This:

(image belongs to yukikousagi, found on deviantart through a Google search.)

A Fan


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