Re: a long break, big bangs, and (gasp!) original fiction

So, if any of you are still hanging around, you might have noticed that I haven’t been here in a while. There are several reasons for that.

1) I currently work anywhere from 2 to 4 jobs at any point in a given year. They’re seasonal. I have a summer job, a job at a theatre box office where I work only during shows (so, late fall and winter). I teach college-level writing, and this semseter I’ve managed to hold down three classes.

It’s a lot of work. Especially during¬†October, when all three classes hand in their midterm assignments and I end up grading upwards of 80 papers in a month, several of which I see multiple drafts. Then I go to my job at the box office, where patron assume that I’m an idiot and that I’m deliberately keeping “their” seat from them, even though they’re switching performances, and “thier” has already been sold. No, I can’t give you comp tickets just because you can’t sit in C 12 like you always do!


Anyway, life got busy enough that I barely got work done that I was getting paid for. What little free time I had, was taken up by 2 and 3.

2) The Dean/Cas Big Bang.

I didn’t write a big bang. I¬†haven’t written fanfiction in a long time, and I find I’m much happier doing this; being analytical and halping other’s write fic. And by others, I mean my cousin, proxydialogue. She wrote and entry for the Dean/Cas Big Bang, and I was called to do my duty as beta. And I’m so glad I did, it was a lot of fun, and the story came out AMAZING, and it’s been getting great feedback.

It’s called The Winchester Revision.

A recently de-deified Chuck, dying in Italy, decides to revise the story of Sam and Dean and Cas to give it the fairytale ending it deserves as a last hurrah before he goes. In a world with no monsters Dean Winchester goes to the University of Delaware for physics and engineering where a terrible twist of fate lands him in a Feminism and Literature class for one of his general electives. It is taught by a dark haired, blue-eyed professor named Castiel. Sam, meanwhile, is a boy genius who gets into college at sixteen and really is going to be a lawyer this time as soon as he finishes his English degree at UDel and gets into Stanford. But the more Chuck writes, the more he discovers about himself, his characters and the friends he will never see again; because some stories must be told.

The final project ended up much darker than the original concept, but it works. Oh, lordy, how it works. We spoke a lot about characterization and what elements of Supernatural are essential to the Winchesters as a whole, and what outcomes can be avoided, and feminism. Oh, the feminism, and the psychology/female coding of Dean and the subtext of Hooker!Dean. And Gabriel kicks ass, mostly because he’s my favorite and I wouldn’t let her leave him out.

Anyway, go reat it. Comment on it. It’s awesome!

I’ve also started pushing her to edit up the first draft, the one that was mostly comedy and included scenes from Dean’s Intro to Feminism class and a prank war between Sam and Gabriel, and a secret love affair between a teacher and a student. Chuck wrote the revision because reality was too dark. I’m urging her to post becuase the fic got dark.

Oh yeah, Chuck. CHUCK WILL STEAL YOUR HEART. He kinda steals the show.

Go. Read.

3) The flip side, now that my beta duties are on hold while she writes the first draft of her next fic, I’ve been able to work on my own writing, which she as been beta-ing for me. SEE HOW THE TABLES TURN! MUAHHAHAHAHA!

*hackcough* sorry. My hot chocolate just went from “lightly sweetened warm milk” to “pure chocolate syrup” and the sugar level is making the world kinda fizzy!

So, yeah. 3 is my original fiction. I’m writing what I’ve been calling my Magic Gay Teen Manifest0. It’s the first book in what will be a series following a boy name Christian who discovers simultaniously that he has magic and is in love with his best friend. Quite by accident (yeah, sure subconscious, by *accident*) the word of magic and the struggle Christian faces parallels his struggle with his own sexuality. It’s ultimately a book about self discovery, using a dialogue that’s vastly underrepresented in pop-culture, not to mention young adult literature.

This is the book I wanted to read as a teenager. A kick ass book about magic, where the main character was struggling with the same questions I was, and deals with the issues I was interested in.

Well, I finished writing the lastest draft, and I’ve been editing it out my eyeballs so that I can start sending it out in the New Year. Let’s see who’ll publish it, shall we?

So yeah, my life’ve been busy. But, I’ve hit a break with nothing to do until Thanksgiving, so I’m gonna jump right back into this. Check back, or better yet, subscribe to me! And I’ll be back asap with the next in my series o’ Te, and some other things that have caught my fannish eye over the last few weeks.


A Fan.


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