So…Tumblr had eaten my life.

So, back in November I said that, now that I have free time, I would be posting more. Then:


What happened? Where did all of this free time go?

Several places.

1) I started a new edit on my Original Book.

2) I GOT ENGAGED! Fright Dyke proposed and I have a new shiny on my finger!

Engagement ring!

3) There were several real life dramas, including a rather rough death in the family.

4) I got a Tumblr.

Some of you, who also have Tumblrs, are now going “Ooooh. Well, that’s understandable.”

Some of you, who DON’T have Tumblrs, have NO IDEA why this is a perfectly valid excuse.

It’s quite simple. Tumblr Eats Your Life.

Like blog forums, Tumblr allows a great amount of art, fannishness, and general geekery to thrive. There’s not a great amount of fanfic, but it does exist, as to recs and links to fic on other sites, such as my much-loved AO3. Like Pringles, you can’t read just one post. Since the posts are (generally) the size of post-it notes, the Tumbl-ee can consume many in a small amount of time. Not that the average Tumbl-ee spends a small amount of time on Tumblr.

So ALL of my free time has been doing 1 of 2 things: refreshing my tumblr dashboard, and reading Story of Three Boys by raving_liberal and Patchfire. Yes, it’s Glee Fic. Yes, it’s Puckurt. Yes, it’s better than the actual show. No, I don’t care. I’ll do a separate post (probably several. This fic has the honor of being the LONGEST work on AO3, and it’s still a WIP) later on.

And, it’s still been mostly tumblr. My own tumblr is mostly reblogged images of internet memes, actors I enjoy, I Believe In Sherlock Holmes, pimps of my cousin’s fic (proxydialogue), and the occasional rant that should probably be here.

I’ve also started writing a fanfic of my own. It’s a WIP (though it’s all plotted and should be finished by next week at the latest). It’s Gleelock (Glee/Sherlock) and I’m rather proud.

If you want to read it, and/or follow my tumblr for my first-hand fannishness, (as opposed to the analysis of fannishness that’s here) you can find my tumblr at scarletjedi dot tumblr dot com. It’s called The Collected Detritus. Follow me, and I’ll follow you back!

And, I’ve decided, that the “A Fan” name is just creepy. So i’ll be going back to my original internet name, and the name I have on my tumblr: scarletjedi.

So, I was reading this story…



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