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A word about Good Omens

Blame it on the 4th, heh. Here’s Sunday’s post.

So, I’ve recently reread Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, often laughing out loud on my lunch break at work, snickering to myself behind the desk, and grinning the entire time on my front porch. It’s one of my all time favorite books.

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Whatever Wednesday: Patrick Rothfuss

So…I read a lot. Like, all the time. And while most of it is fanfiction, not all of it is. I also read comic books. And graphic novels. And regular novels. I also own almost every book I’ve ever read, because I’ve got a collector mind. I love books. Moving is a pain, because most of my possessions are books. My bedroom looks like a library (well, like a sorcerer’s library, because I’ve also got papers and a bed and such. and quills. From Ren Fair. Don’t judge.)

Then, I went to Grad School, and I became really picky about the books I read. I still read a lot, I just get more of it from the library. Or Used Book stores, because I don’t want to spend full price on a novel that I might not finish. (Which is also a new phenomenon. I always used to finish my books. Even the crappy ones). There are a few, however, that I will buy. Full price. In Hardcover. Because I know they will be just. that. good.

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