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Retro Rec: Dr. Jackson’s Diary

I was aware of Stargate long before I was a fan. And then, I leaned more towards Stargate: Atlantis. But, i’ve seen the original movie (Kurt Russel and James Spader) and the first season (MacGuyver!!!) so I know enough to read the fic. Not that I do very often. The stories I found were generally meh enough that I didn’t really search for anything better. So, I left SG1 behind rather quickly, and retain my knowledge of it for the inevitable crossover.

There is one story, however, that has remained in my bookmarks; that I have copied from computer to computer, browser to browser; that I check on every once in a while to re-read or simply make sure the link still works. Finally, I have looked it up through the wayback machine, which might just be the best thing ever.

It’s Dr. Jackson’s Diary by Anais.

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