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Re: a long break, big bangs, and (gasp!) original fiction

So, if any of you are still hanging around, you might have noticed that I haven’t been here in a while. There are several reasons for that.

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A word about Good Omens

Blame it on the 4th, heh. Here’s Sunday’s post.

So, I’ve recently reread Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, often laughing out loud on my lunch break at work, snickering to myself behind the desk, and grinning the entire time on my front porch. It’s one of my all time favorite books.

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Thoughtful Thursday: Femslash Fallacies.

So, my post, “…but aren’t you a lesbian?” inspired Fright Dyke to rant at me that lesbians are not more socially¬†acceptable¬†than gay men. That both are looked down on (she said despised) and that it pisses her off when people say “the gays have it easier.”

I was confused, becuase that’s not what I meant to write. Then I realized that the way I had written the post was unclear and actually did say what she was ranting against, even though that’s not really what I meant.

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Thoughtful Thursday: The Great Incest Debate

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve had two funerals to go to in the past week. The one yesterday was for the mother of a dear friend, who’s in my thoughts during this difficult time. (We love you, honey!)

The service on Monday was for my grandmother. She was 89, lived a good life, and went quickly. She will be missed, but remembered fondly by all who knew her.

Needless to say, I’m feeling a little fried today. So, instead of writing a mini-essay about femslash, lesbianism, and feminism (i’ll do that next week) I’m going to tell a story. About the wake. Trust me, it’s totally relevant.

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