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How it Should Have Ended.

Hey, sorry it’s been so long. It’s pretty clear to me now that I wont be able to keep to a set schedule, at least not until life settles down. Which is why this post is so late. hehehe….

So, if you’re a fan of fanfiction, you’e heard of Alternate Endings and Fixits. For those of you not in the know, these are fics that give stories an “alternate ending” or “fix” the story. See what I did there? Ah hah. This is one of the main reasons, I feel, to write fanfiction. The canon story, as it stands, is not filling a particular need. So, the fic writers fill that need. These videos

So, I don’t know if you’ve seen these yet. But, they’re pretty awesome. They’re the “How it Should Have Ended” series.

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Media Monday: Marvel vs DC

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about these yet.

So, this might be the funniest fan-made video series I have ever seen. It’s Marvel Vs DC by ItsJustSomeRandomGuy.┬áThe concept is simple; parody the Mac Vs PC commercials and comic book movies by having action figures of the characters act out the ads, and discuss their own movies.

This is the first one.

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Media Monday: Buffy Stakes Edward

This…pretty much sums up my feelings vampires, teen vampire dramas, Buffy, and Twilight.

I like vampires as a concept. There is something truly creepy and powerful and elegant about a Stoker-Style Dracula that I really enjoy; the super hunter, man’s (super)natural predator. There’s something very lizard brain about fearing something that can eat you.

However, I feel, today, that vampires, particularly teen vampire love stories are overdone. Because Whedon did it first. And best. I could do the breakdown, how Twilight is Buffy, but Emo and severely lacking in female empowerment, but it’s been done before.

I could also say that True Blood did it better, and I haven’t even seen it.

However, I have (tried) to read Twilight, back when it first came out. I couldn’t get past the first page, the writing was so bad. Look. I don’t care if you have a trite or recycled plot with a ridiculous premise. I read fanfiction. Obviously, that doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is poor grammar in a published work. Buy a freakin’ manual.

So, to soothe my anger, I leave you with this. My favorite crossover vid. Ever.