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Re: a long break, big bangs, and (gasp!) original fiction

So, if any of you are still hanging around, you might have noticed that I haven’t been here in a while. There are several reasons for that.

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When He Saw His Own Eyes…Part 2!

Ok, it’s time, once again, to delve deep into the delightful depravity of our dearly demented (and de-lovely) deconstruction of When He Saw His Own Eyes. When we last left our handsome (and horny) heroes, they had just settled down to dinner, Lex and Tim spiraling ever closer to becoming the powerhouse we know they will be, with Jason adding a voice of reality and holding on for the ride.

Let’s see what happens next…

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Fic Rec: When He Saw His Own Eyes…part 1

In my head, I’ve been referring to this story as “the one where Timmy’s ass saves the DCU.”

Up until recently, this is *also* the only story that I had commented on, on Te’s insanejournal.

Why? Because, believe it or not, I’m really very *shy* when it comes to these things. Part of the reason why I’m writing this blog is to help me get over that.

The other being textual analysis of fan-porn, be it sexytimes or not.

Anyway, the jist of my comment at the time was:

…I figured I should probably comment. This is amazing. All of it. I absolutely love the first meeting between Lex and Tim, and I keep telling myself that I’m just going to read that part. Then the part where Tim tells Lex that he knows about Bruce. Then when Tim tells Dick that he knows about Bruce. Then I say, Oh well, i’d better just read it all again.

I have told my friends about this story. I have told my friends who dont read FANFIC or COMICS about this story. I’ve been calling it the one where Tim meets Lex and FIXES THE DCU WITH SEX. Cause he does. And it’s awesome.

Since then, I’ve read and re-read this story, and it has quickly moved to my top ten Te fics. Then I found out her livejournal had been updating, but not her insanejournal, so I had new stuff to distract myself with. But still, rereading this has the feeling of coming home to a well-thumbed paperback.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and everything inbetween, When He Saw His Own Eyes. “In which families are put together except when they’re not, villains are reformed except when they’re not, and, because this is Teland, people get laid a lot.”

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Fic Rec: Summer, With Garment Cast Aside

Okay, we’re going to jump, now, from 2005 (Everything Spring) to 2011. Six years of fic separate the original story with this AU-of-an-AU. According to the author notes, the original plot bunny for Everything Spring was a lot darker than the story ended up being. This story is definitely darker, but not quite so dark as, say, Built the Same, but darker than Everything Spring.

My argument, since I chose to accept it, is that this premise can’t truly get that dark, because of the inherent natures of Tim, Jason, and Bruce, and the dynamic that appears between them when the specter of a Dead Robin never existed.

Can it be fucked up? Hells yes. But joyfully so.

Summer, With Garment Cast Aside.

(Note: This is a LOT long than I expected. And I *tried* to cut the quotes down, but–well–there’s just so MUCH to work with!)

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Fic Rec: Love is a Warm Tentacle

I was going to talk about Summer, With Garment Cast Aside next, as it’s an AU of Everything Spring and that kind of symmetry/grouping appeals to me on some base level, but–


Sometimes, you just need tentacles.

Tentacles with DCUAnimated!Tim.

That’s right. It’s Love is a Warm Tentacle. “Tim makes a new friend.” 

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Rec Post: Everything Spring

To say that I have a favorite Te story would be a lie–I have several, and depending on my mood, they cycle through which story is at the top. This series spends a lot of time on the shoulders of giants. It’s Everything Spring, and it’s my favorite AU-that-should-be-cannon–a what-if-Tim-was-caught-being-the-best-stalker-ever story. The first story is Look Around Round, Summary:  “I’ll tell *Batman* on you, you freak.”

Quick side note: I both love and hate Te’s summaries. Mostly because they’re usually damn clever–but only after you know what the story’s about. They certainly are memorable, though, and I’ve often had to search for a story by summary rather than by title. I’m particularly fond of this one.

So, go read it. Then read the sequels. Then read the riffs by Petra. It’ll take a while. There’s a lot of story there (and for good reason; it’s an awesome premise.) I’ll be waiting behind the cut.

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Fic Rec: The Drowners

So, first up in this Feast of Te, is her story arc, The Drowners. (The series begins with When At Last Our Starving Eyes). The series starts when Tim first sees the ghost of Jason Todd. Jason, happy that, finally, someone can see him hangs around. They become…close.

If you haven’t read it–go read it. If you have read it, go re-read it. Then come back, and we’ll talk.

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Thoughtful Thursday: Femslash Fallacies.

So, my post, “…but aren’t you a lesbian?” inspired Fright Dyke to rant at me that lesbians are not more socially acceptable than gay men. That both are looked down on (she said despised) and that it pisses her off when people say “the gays have it easier.”

I was confused, becuase that’s not what I meant to write. Then I realized that the way I had written the post was unclear and actually did say what she was ranting against, even though that’s not really what I meant.

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Fic Rec Friday: The Theory of Narrative Causality

So, Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has been a part of my world for pretty much my whole life. My mother read me the stories as a child, we watched the Granada series with Brett together, and I’ve kept a lifelong fascination with him ever since. So, when I heard about the BBC miniseries, Sherlock, I thought:


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Friday Fic Rec: Scenes from a Lesser War

Following yesterday’s post, I’d like to present Scenes From a Lesser War by Amireal. It’s got pretty much everything I want, politically, from fandom.

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