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So, it’s Saturday, and I’m still not sure what to put here. I already have a “Whatever Wednesday,” I have (2) story rec days and author rec days and… hmmm….

Maybe an “Other Rec” day. Yeah. A day to recommend thing that are not (technically) fandom–but close. Like, movies that I feel will explode with fandom, book or tv shows that I want to see fic for… Yeah, I like that idea.

Let’s start with a movie. I saw this Thursday night, and have been squeeing about it ever since. I wasn’t expecting much, as it’s the fourth in a franchise and I was let down by the last two. However, not only was it an amazing movie, but it set my little slasher heart alight with song.

No, it’s not Pirates of the Caribbean 4. It’s X-Men: First Class.

Here’s the trailer: 

Now, I’m writing this at work (heh) and had the trailer on silent. You cannot tell me that the beginning doesn’t read like a Romance. A tragic Romance, but still. Ladies and Gentlemen: the Bromance in Action!

Warning: Minor Spoilers…

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