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Retro Rec: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Turn Around, Bright Eyes, it’s time for another Retro Rec. And today, It’s Total Eclipse of the Heart by Flamingo. That’s right, people. Starsky and Hutch fic.

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Whatever Wednesday: I NEEDS A NEW NAME!

Ok, so I’ve been signing these posts “A Fan” because I am and, at the time, it sounded like a good idea. Now, after sending emails regarding this account, I realized that signing things “A Fan” is really creepy and stalker-ish. So, I need a new name. I have a few options.

a) Scarletjedi. I’ve been Scarletjedi on livejournal for pretty much forever. Why mess with a good thing?

b) Bright Dyke. It’s my awesome girlfriend, Fright Dyke’s, name for me on her blog. I really kinda like it. Plus, blog continuity.

c) CHOSE YOU OWN. Any ideas?

Post your answers in the comments, and I’ll reveal the winner when one forms.

I’d also like to apologize for the sporadic nature of my posts over the last few days. Two funerals in a week will play havock with your schedule.

Until then, I am

A Fan

(Not a creeper)


Part of what I love about fandom is the way it can distract me from real life until I can cope with it. Bad news? Nothing I can do about it now? I’m gonna read fanfic and be happy until I can do something productive.

Real life just threw ma a doozy. So, I’m gonna leave you with this, and dive back into fandom.



I first saw this with my Grandparents when I was very young. It never fails to make me smile, or think of them.

I love you Grandma. I’ll miss you.

This Sundae’s for you. 🙂