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Hodge Podge

Whatever Wednesday: Patrick Rothfuss

So…I read a lot. Like, all the time. And while most of it is fanfiction, not all of it is. I also read comic books. And graphic novels. And regular novels. I also own almost every book I’ve ever read, because I’ve got a collector mind. I love books. Moving is a pain, because most of my possessions are books. My bedroom looks like a library (well, like a sorcerer’s library, because I’ve also got papers and a bed and such. and quills. From Ren Fair. Don’t judge.)

Then, I went to Grad School, and I became really picky about the books I read. I still read a lot, I just get more of it from the library. Or Used Book stores, because I don’t want to spend full price on a novel that I might not finish. (Which is also a new phenomenon. I always used to finish my books. Even the crappy ones). There are a few, however, that I will buy. Full price. In Hardcover. Because I know they will be just. that. good.

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Whatever Wednesday: Storm Large

I don’t really watch reality television. I like my television like I like my books: fantastical. Which is why I watch RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s about as far from reality as you can get. That, and Drag Queens are epic. I also don’t have cable, so I watch it all on I’ve seen all of seasons 2 and 3, and I’m starting to watch season 1 while waiting for Drag U to start.

Don’t judge me.

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