Every piece of fan work needs a disclaimer, something that lets the world at large know that we know that the characters and world in the story we just wrote is not our own intellectual property. It is a way of covering our collective legal asses. A standard disclaimer runs:

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all associated belongs to J.K Rowling. This story is written for fun. I am making no profit.

or, alternately:

Disclaimer: Playing in someone else’s sandbox. Please don’t sue.

Short. Sweet. And says exactly what this is.

That being said:

I do not own anything written about in this blog, except my own opinions. The author/creator of the published work will always be mentioned (unless it’s really obvious. I don’t need to tell you who wrote Harry Potter, people) and credit will be given where credit is due. I am making no monetary profit from this blog. If that is to change at any point in the future, proper approval will be sought before publication.

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