How it Should Have Ended.

Hey, sorry it’s been so long. It’s pretty clear to me now that I wont be able to keep to a set schedule, at least not until life settles down. Which is why this post is so late. hehehe….

So, if you’re a fan of fanfiction, you’e heard of Alternate Endings and Fixits. For those of you not in the know, these are fics that give stories an “alternate ending” or “fix” the story. See what I did there? Ah hah. This is one of the main reasons, I feel, to write fanfiction. The canon story, as it stands, is not filling a particular need. So, the fic writers fill that need. These videos

So, I don’t know if you’ve seen these yet. But, they’re pretty awesome. They’re the “How it Should Have Ended” series.

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A word about Good Omens

Blame it on the 4th, heh. Here’s Sunday’s post.

So, I’ve recently reread Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, often laughing out loud on my lunch break at work, snickering to myself behind the desk, and grinning the entire time on my front porch. It’s one of my all time favorite books.

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Retro Rec: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Turn Around, Bright Eyes, it’s time for another Retro Rec. And today, It’s Total Eclipse of the Heart by Flamingo. That’s right, people. Starsky and Hutch fic.

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Thoughtful Thursday: Femslash Fallacies.

So, my post, “…but aren’t you a lesbian?” inspired Fright Dyke to rant at me that lesbians are not more socially acceptable than gay men. That both are looked down on (she said despised) and that it pisses her off when people say “the gays have it easier.”

I was confused, becuase that’s not what I meant to write. Then I realized that the way I had written the post was unclear and actually did say what she was ranting against, even though that’s not really what I meant.

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Media Monday: Marvel vs DC

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about these yet.

So, this might be the funniest fan-made video series I have ever seen. It’s Marvel Vs DC by ItsJustSomeRandomGuy. The concept is simple; parody the Mac Vs PC commercials and comic book movies by having action figures of the characters act out the ads, and discuss their own movies.

This is the first one.

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revamp number 1

So, RL (real life) is starting to get crazy, and I wont be updating as frequently as I would like. But I will be updating, and I give to you, now, the revised posting schedule, starting today.


I will be posting 4 times a week. Sunday. Tuesday. Thursday. Friday.

Sunday: Real World Recs. Books. Television. Movies.

Tuesday: Fan Media Day – mostly youtube videos.

Thursday: Thoughtful Thursday – essay like posts that address the big questions.

Friday: Friday Fic Rec!


Since I’m still figuring this out, this may change again, but I really think it’s gonna work out.

And, of course, If I think of something on an in between day, there’s always a chance I’ll post about it. And, you know, if the world explodes, expect to hear from me 🙂


Now all I need is a non-stalker name. I should have put more thought into that…


Ok, so this made me really happy!

Now, scroll down to “recs and reviews”

See it yet?


And I didn’t put it there!

Oh. Oh, this makes my day.

I was going to post something about how NY passed gay marriage, and how ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS that is, and how I’ve already had one wedding invitation, but, then I saw this, and (since I live in PA and still cannot get married, and, while I’m super-happy that we have won a battle, the war continues…) this made me squee. (Also, fanfic blog, fanfic post. See how I did that?

Now, go read Fright Dyke’s blog, for she says a lot of wonderful ranty and funny things about it.

And, to celebrate, I give you this:

Fic Rec Friday: The Theory of Narrative Causality

So, Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has been a part of my world for pretty much my whole life. My mother read me the stories as a child, we watched the Granada series with Brett together, and I’ve kept a lifelong fascination with him ever since. So, when I heard about the BBC miniseries, Sherlock, I thought:


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Thoughtful Thursday: The Great Incest Debate

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve had two funerals to go to in the past week. The one yesterday was for the mother of a dear friend, who’s in my thoughts during this difficult time. (We love you, honey!)

The service on Monday was for my grandmother. She was 89, lived a good life, and went quickly. She will be missed, but remembered fondly by all who knew her.

Needless to say, I’m feeling a little fried today. So, instead of writing a mini-essay about femslash, lesbianism, and feminism (i’ll do that next week) I’m going to tell a story. About the wake. Trust me, it’s totally relevant.

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Whatever Wednesday: I NEEDS A NEW NAME!

Ok, so I’ve been signing these posts “A Fan” because I am and, at the time, it sounded like a good idea. Now, after sending emails regarding this account, I realized that signing things “A Fan” is really creepy and stalker-ish. So, I need a new name. I have a few options.

a) Scarletjedi. I’ve been Scarletjedi on livejournal for pretty much forever. Why mess with a good thing?

b) Bright Dyke. It’s my awesome girlfriend, Fright Dyke’s, name for me on her blog. I really kinda like it. Plus, blog continuity.

c) CHOSE YOU OWN. Any ideas?

Post your answers in the comments, and I’ll reveal the winner when one forms.

I’d also like to apologize for the sporadic nature of my posts over the last few days. Two funerals in a week will play havock with your schedule.

Until then, I am

A Fan

(Not a creeper)